Our proposal

We propose to implement an original technology for creating of problem-oriented processors and on the basis one  to organize the development and production of series of parallel processors for the solution of specific tasks:

• processing of static and dynamic images (image filters, image compression, image reconstruction);
• digital signal processing (separation of signals from the background noise, FFT, various orthogonal transformations);
• neural networks modeling;
• adaptive automation control,  fuzzy control;
• identification, classification, pattern recognition;
• semantic and associative information processing provided in the form of graphs.

Currently, the technology core has been developed of our company and tested in a prototype of some problem-oriented processors: for video processing, classification, fuzzy control,  neural networks modeling.

As a short-term  projects  we offer:
• delivery of problem-oriented processors and software in the form of complete system;
• completion of  hardware (with CPU,  MCU, DSP and FPGA) and software  for processors  under technical and economical  requirements of the Customer;
• integration  and implementation of processors in the customer's  system to enhance their functional, user and technical characteristics

As a strategic partnership we offer:
• development of  marked technology for processors design with  import or domestic element base, or  in the form of special (Custom) ASICs or "system on a chip"