Our experience of the implemented  projects

• Software for kind documents (passport) identification and its authenticity identification (2005)
• Software for technological equipment automation of quality testing in time of  silicon wafers producing (2007)
• Software for control  of dynamic stand for testing of the optoelectronic devices with a gyroscopic stabilization (2008)
• Software for Barkhausen noise analysis in the automation system of technological equipment (2008)
• PCI-Express interface based on FPGA Xilinx and System for prototyping of real-time co-processors (2010)
• Software for automation of medical equipment for cancer diagnosis (2011)
• High-performance computer system for the processing of satellite images (2011)
• Software for simulation of radar signals and identification of radar portraits of aerial and ground objects (2011)
• Fuzzy classifier based on parallel processor (2012)
• Software for optical-electronic  system of computer vision (2013)
• Software for medical patient monitoring systems in stationary clinics (2013-2014)

Our customers
• “LEMT”, Minsk, Belarus
• “Fraunhofer Institute for Nondestructive Testing”, Branch Dresden, Dresden, Germany
• “Eurasian National University”, Astana, Kazakhstan
• “Geographic Information System”, Minsk, Belarus
• “Scientific and Technological Park BNTU "Polytechnic”, Minsk, Belarus
• JSC “INTEGRAL”, Minsk, Belarus

Current projects