Since December 2019, as part of the UN Development Program (UNDP) “Support to Economic Development at the Local Level in the Republic of Belarus”, the project has been launched to create a “Mobilizer for the development of technological start-ups” in Lida.

The main idea of the project: to create a mobilizer for the development of technological start-ups at existing enterprises in the engineering, agricultural, housing and communal industries using digital technologies.

Project objectives:
● to build competencies and to develop opportunities in technological entrepreneurship among young people;
● to grow start-ups that create products or services  based on the use of digital technologies and focused
on internal and external sales markets.

Project Coordinator: Association «R&AI»,

The participants:
- «Ingeneerium Systems» Ltd.;
- «Center «SMART INDUSTRY» Ltd.; 
- «Intellectual Processors» Ltd.;
- «Vatman-pro» Ltd.;
Banking center №415 in Lida, JSC «Belagroprombank»;
- Grodno Regional Organization of the PA «BRYU», regional committee of the Republic of Belarus.

At present, our company is developing an Internet- platform (marketplace), which will provide:
● the ability of start-up teams to outsource the implementation of various production operations to create
a prototype, single products;
● access to the “bank of ideas”: innovative R&D projects, but were not implemented due to the lack of a team, funding, etc. (for example, ideas and development of initiative groups, the National Academy of Sciences
of Belarus, technical and other universities of the Republic of Belarus and foreign countries), the implementation
of which start-up teams of the mobilizer can create and create their own business;
● transfer of technologies and advanced developments to the Lida district from leading enterprises of Minsk.





In 2016, the project Centers of Excellence for young RESearchers (CERES) was implemented to establish centers MCNet to support research of young scientists and students; development of partnerships with enterprises; knowledge triangle; education — innovation — research.

Project objectives:
• To align higher education with the needs of modern enterprises;
• To improve research conditions of young scientists in EU, Belarus and Ukraine;
• To establish new and extend existing partnership between enterprises and universities;
• To create centres in Belarus and Ukraine.

Project Coordinator CERES:  University of Zilina (Slovakia)

Participants from the Republic of Belarus:
- Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics
- Francisk Skorina Gomel State University
- Brest State Technical University
- United Institute of Informatics Problems of the National Academy of Sciences
- "Intellectual Processors" Ltd.

CERES allows participants to form research groups, to cooperate with international research partners to exchange information. In addition, CERES brings two educational systems, contributing to the effective implementation of the Bologna process. Thanks to the involvement of enterprises in the CERES project focuses on higher education specific requirements of the real economy.
Young scientists have access to scientific problems of enterprises, the opportunity to participate in research teams with leading European experts and to develop practical experience, which is useful for future employment.
Teachers can use the web portal for the formation of CERES research groups working on topics of interest to young scientists.
Enterprises have access to research resources of universities and scientific methods to solve applied problems.

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