23-24 March 2015 at the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio Electronics, the third coordination meeting of the project participants of Centers of Excellence for young RESearchers (CERES). «Intelligent Processors» Ltd. was represented by Tatur M. and Odinets D.
The project aims to improve the conditions for research by young scientists in accordance with research and innovative concept of partnership programs between companies and universities from Ukraine, Belarus and the EU.
During the meeting they discussed the results of the tasks of the representatives of the leading universities of Ukraine and Belarus, and enterprises-industrial partners to develop CERES-portal. It identified the main way to disseminate information on the project in order to attract CERES leading manufacturing enterprises to participate in the functioning of the portal. Also, each of the participants presented the results of the project in their universities.
As part of the CERES project «Intelligent Processors» Ltd. a team of young researchers (Tretyakov A., Dadykin B. Marchenko V.), which coordinated the research program is necessary and advisory support.
This project allows universities to cooperate with each other and with enterprise-level industrial partners to meet mutual research interests in the field of internationalization of research and contribute to the realization of future international cooperative projects and the preparation of scientific papers.