“Intellectual Processors” Ltd. аctivities


• The development and introducing into industry  of the applied  software in the field of image processing, pattern recognition, decision-making and automation control
• The development of specialized and problem-oriented processors with different interfaces for computing and information processing in real time


Following prototypes of the processors are proposed


Competitive advantages
• parallel architecture of processor could provide a required performance
• adapting to the technical requirements of the customer in the form of a coprocessor or embedded processor
• minimizing of the developing time and cost of processors and systems

• in criminology  for person identification on biometric data in real time
• in radiolocation  for signal detection  and radar portraits recognition in real time
• in space research  for object  identification  on satellite images  in real time
• in medical research for diagnosis in real time
• in engineering  for automation control of mechanical and electrical machines in real time (fuzzy controllers)
• in research institutes and universities for intelligent data analysis and modeling